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Andreas (Coster-Waldau) is a promising young detective, who has a lot on his plate. At home, he and his wife Anne (Maria Bonnevie), struggle with their newborn son, who spends every waking hour crying. At work, Andreas tries to rein in his newly divorced partner Simon (Ulrich Thomsen), who spends most of his time in strip clubs drunkenly looking for a fight.

One day Andreas and Simon are called out to a domestic disturbance where drug addicts Sanne (Lykke May Andersen) and Tristan (Nikolaj Lie Kaas) are found bickering. When Andreas and Simon intervene, they witness a shocking instance of neglect that sends a livid Andreas home to his family’s warm embrace. Then, one night, the unthinkable happens and Andreas’ family is struck by sudden tragedy. When Andreas sees his life unraveling, he makes a choice that will lead himself and everyone he knows down a rabbit hole of moral and ethical disarray.