Rebels Recon #2.03: Inside “Relics of the Old Republic” | Star Wars Rebels

This week’s epic Rebels Recon is divided into five story arcs. The collaborators of Star Wars Rebels come together at a Lucasfilm screening of the show’s latest episodes, “Lost Commanders” and “Relics of the Old Republic,” and talk about AT-ATs. Andi Gutierrez speaks with the cast and crew about on-screen chemistry and more about AT-ATs. Chopper squirms and backtracks after getting a busy-looking assignment. Pablo Hidalgo answers an observant fan’s question concerning Kanan and clone chips. We get a preview of next week’s episode, “Always Two There Are,” which might be the scariest one yet.

Have a question you want answered? Tweet your questions to @starwars with #RebelsRecon, and we’ll pick one to answer next week!

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