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Gamora: The deadliest mocktail in the galaxy
1.5oz coconut marshmallow creme syrup – which is made with combine equal parts (by weight if possible) of marshmallow creme & unsweetened coconut milk in a blender, blend until smooth. Or in a pinch, you substitute sweetened coconut cream for unsweetened.
1.5oz fresh pineapple juice
1oz fresh lime juice
1.5tbsp mint jelly
1 cup crushed ice
In a blender combine all of these ingredients except the ice and blend.
Then add ice and blend again until uniform in texture. Then garnish with a mint leaf or mint sprig top.
Groot: Some earthy flavors and herbaceous aromatics for everyone’s favorite tree. 
0.5oz simple syrup (made with equal parts of sugar and water)
0.75oz fresh lemon juice
4oz pomegranate juice
3oz root beer
garnish bruised rosemary sprig
Combine the simple syrup, pomegranate juice and lemon juice in a glass and stir to combine,
Then add ice and top with root beer. Give it another quick stir. Bruise a rosemary sprig with your hands or muddle to make it more aromatic, and garnish your Groot with his “leaves”.
Ravagers: What would space pirates drink? I bet it would be a little weird.
4oz mango nectar
1oz fresh lemon juice
0.75oz honey syrup (made with 2 parts honey to 1 part water)
1/4tsp fresh cracked black pepper
2oz soda water
Combine the mango, lemon juice, honey syrup and black pepper in a glass, stir quickly to combine, add ice, top with soda water. 

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