The Tribunal

The stakes are much higher than life or death in The Tribunal, a faith-based story of two best friends who both love the same woman. One of them, Joe, needs an annulment from his first marriage to even have a chance with Emily, a devout Catholic. The other, Tony, still loves Emily despite their breakup. As each fights for whom they love, the question of “What does God want?” begins to loom. Tony has been trying to come back to God because he wants Emily, his heart tells him he has to be the best man he can be for her. Joe doesn’t run as spiritually deep as Tony, but he also loves Emily and wants to do the right thing. Ultimately, Tony and Joe must decide if they’ll make the sacrifice necessary to love Emily. She in turn must decide who she truly loves. And… will they find their way into the arms of the Lord through this? A captivating movie about love, faith and redemption, it speaks to the hearts of Christians everywhere. Awarded the Dove Seal of approval by the Dove Foundation.