American Jedi will be available to rent and own on Digital HD in November 2017!

AMERICAN JEDI is a documentary film about three candidates for knighthood who must face a reckoning with the darkest issues from their past in order to be accepted into a real-life Jedi community.
Opie Macleod (34) turned to Jediism as a way to escape his days as a misguided, fledgling gangster, but his most difficult challenge turned out to be losing his wife to the “dark side of the Force” – a real-life Sith named Miles. Perris Cartwright (24) found the Jedi Path as a way to deal with a childhood of being bullied. As a US Marine, she became a survivor of rape, suffering for years with PTSD. She must stand strong before a real-life Jedi council. Michael Hannigan (36) is notorious for being an online “troll” of the Jedi community. After the death of his father, he fell into a spiraling drug addiction. The Jedi community – wary with suspicion toward him – is ready to test Hannigan, who must prove himself committed to a life of becoming a Jedi Knight as a way of maintaining his sobriety. AMERICAN JEDI is more than fandom, more than religion; for each Jedi initiate, it’s a personal crusade for the betterment of their world.