The Square – Movie Trailer 101

Your handy guide to making a high-impact movie trailer for a Palme d’Or winning comedy.

Things to include:
– Highlight your fancy award
– Then it’s straight to your good looking actor
– Set up the plot with one-line efficiency so as not to bore anyone
– Press play on some banging music
– Casually drop in your star-studded cast no matter how big their roles
– Cut to some flashes of indeterminable violence
– Include awesome press quotes from high-brow newspapers
– Make sure there’s a WTF moment in there
– And plenty of quick cuts of innocuous things
– Dancing! If your film has some dancing, make sure you show it
– And sex. Get as much sex in as the censors will allow
– Pause for a nicely timed awkward comedy moment
– Don’t forget to end on the name of the film and the release date

Hey presto, you’ve got yourself a highly effective trailer.

Ruben Östlund’s award-winning The Square arrives in cinemas and on demand Friday 16 March. Find out more at