Strickland on Strickland: Berberian Sound Studio | Episode 2 of 4

Welcome to episode 2 of Strickland on Strickland: A four-part mini-series from Curzon, about the work of acclaimed British director Peter Strickland, made to celebrate the release of his new film, In Fabric.

In this episode, Peter Strickland introduces his second feature film, Berberian Sound Studio.

In 1976, a timid sound engineer (Toby Jones) arrives in Italy to work on a mysterious horror film, mixing bloodcurdling screams with the grotesque sounds of hacked vegetables. But as the on-screen violence seeps into his consciousness, reality and fantasy become blurred in nightmarish ways. Daringly original and masterfully constructed, this inspired homage to 70s Giallo horror is a devastating assault on the eyes, ears and brain – drawing comparisons with the films of David Lynch and being hailed as a modern cult masterpiece from Peter Strickland.

Watch Berberian Sound Studio on Curzon Home Cinema here

Accompanying this series is a four-part podcast of the same name, featuring extended interviews with Peter and a deep dive into each of his films. Listen to Episode 2 of the Strickland on Strickland podcast here


Strickland on Strickland is produced, directed and edited for Curzon by Jacek Zmarz.