Strickland on Strickland: The Duke of Burgundy | Episode 3 of 4

Welcome to episode 3 of Strickland on Strickland: A four-part mini-series from Curzon, about the work of acclaimed British director Peter Strickland, made to celebrate the release of his new film, In Fabric.

In this episode, Peter Strickland introduces his third feature film, The Duke of Burgundy.

Cynthia is an orthopterist who is seemingly firmly in control of her partner Evelyn through a strict, dictatorial fetish life behind closed doors. But as Evelyn’s requests to be dominated become increasingly extreme, the true nature of their relationship begins to surface. The Duke of Burgundy is a story about power and the exploration of discomfort that people will stretch to for the ones they love, told in mesmerisingly coruscating style by one of Britain’s finest contemporary auteurs, Peter Strickland.

Watch The Duke of Burgundy on Curzon Home Cinema here

Accompanying this series is a four-part podcast of the same name, featuring extended interviews with Peter and a deep dive into each of his films. Listen to Episode 3 of the Strickland on Strickland podcast here


Strickland on Strickland is produced, directed and edited for Curzon by Jacek Zmarz.