DIVOS! 2020 | Trailer

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Ricky Redmond is a teen acting legend–at least in his own mind (and his mother’s, of course). After years of giving show-stopping performances as an underclassman in the St. James School’s musicals, he knows he’s a shoe-in for the leading role his senior year. But when the school’s baseball MVP Josh Kelly shows up at auditions, the never humble Ricky finally meets his match. Mustering up some team spirit, Ricky takes Josh under his wing and teaches the rookie actor the ins and outs of being a teenage divo. He soon realizes, though, that Josh’s ambition and star quality are more dangerous than he had originally thought. The claws come out in this vicious battle for the spotlight, and through lies, manipulation, and blackmail, it’s clear that all is fair in war and musical theatre.

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