The Real Exorcist Trailer | 2020

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Tokyo ―the most mystical city in the world where you find spiritual spots in the most unexpected places. Sayuri works as a part time waitress at a small coffee shop “Extra” where regular customers enjoy the authentic coffee that the owner brews. Meanwhile, As the storefront sign “free consultations available” says, Sayuri uses her supernatural powers to help those who are troubled by spiritual phenomena one after another, including high school girls who encounter a haunting ghost and people who suffer from family problems. Through her special consultations, she touches the hearts of the people and helps them by showing the truths of the invisible world. To solve the mystery of psychic phenomena which could happen to anybody, the movie, “The Real Exorcist” portrays the state of mind that determines our happiness or unhappiness in life, how to avoid possession by evil spirits, and the fight between evil and good.