The Power of Movement TRAILER | 2020

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Available on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube Movies, Cable and Satellite On Demand on November 17th!

In the world today, cancer has become the leading cause of death among individuals. Because there are boundless types of this disease, cancer is becoming a difficult task to track. The Power of Movement is centered around Dr. Niraj Mehta (recently interviewed by CNN an NBC). Dr. Mehta is a radiation oncologist and a choreographer that brings us on his journey as he embarks on healing cancer through movement. He started Making Moves Universal a couple years ago to help promote his message to the world. His movement programs have helped in the healing process with his past and present patients. The movement programs that he designed have helped the individuals who suffer from the disease and the aftermath that comes with the mental and the physical aspects attributed to cancer. This full-length feature encompasses the Bollywood musical background and the teachings of East Indian culture with western fusion in order to bring awareness to cancer.