Afro-Latinx Revolution: Puerto Rico TRAILER | 2020

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Latin America and the Caribbean received approximately 95 percent of the African people stolen during the trans-Atlantic slave trade. But what does it mean to be a descendent of those Africans today?

Why do some Black Latinos call themselves “”Afro-Latinx” or “Afro-Latino/a” and why do others dislike the term? Why have so many Puerto Ricans traditionally checked “white” on the U.S. Census? And do Afro-Latinos face similar struggles with policing, discrimination, and economic inequality as Black Americans outside of the island?

In this new original documentary from theGrio, journalist Natasha S. Alford, traveled to Puerto Rico during the 2019 summer of political unrest, where protesters ousted their governor. While there, Natasha explores the complexities of Black identity through interviews with residents, who share their story of an “Afro-Latinx Revolution.”