LIVING ROOM Q&As: Saint Maud with Rose Glass, Jennifer Ehle & Morfydd Clark

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Join us on Monday 1st February at 8.30pm for our next #CurzonLivingRoom Q&A to celebrate the release of #SaintMaud on Curzon Home Cinema. Get your questions ready for director Rose Glass, Jennifer Ehle and Morfydd Clark, as they discuss with journalist Anna Smith the horror film of 2020.

SAINT MAUD is available to watch on Curzon Home Cinema from Monday 1st February:

Live-in nurse Maud (Morfydd Clark) arrives at the home of Amanda (Jennifer Ehle), a famous dancer now frail from illness and trapped in her grand, isolated house. At first Amanda is intrigued by this religious young woman, who provides distraction from her failing health. Maud, in turn, is bewitched by her new patient. But Maud is not all that she seems. She is tormented by a violent secret from her past and by ecstatic messages she believes are directly from God. She becomes convinced she has been sent to Amanda not simply as a nurse, but to serve a divine purpose. As her grip on reality slides out of control, Maud’s care turns into a deadly mission to save Amanda’s soul, by any means necessary.

Living Room Q&As is a season of live-streamed Q&As brought to you by Curzon. In each episode, we’re joined by filmmakers from around the world in our virtual living room to discuss their latest creations, beamed straight to your home so you can ask your questions live.