LIVING ROOM Q&As: Slalom with Charlène Favier & Noée Abita hosted by Hanna Flint

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Join us on Tuesday 16 February at 7.30pm when host Hanna Flint will be joined by Director Charlène Favier & Actress Noée Abita to discuss their powerful new film Slalom. Get you questions ready for this exciting #CurzonLivingRoom Q&A.

SLALOM is available to watch on Curzon Home Cinema now:

15-year-old Lyz is the rising star of the French skiing scene. She will likely make the national Olympics team. And her passion to win is matched by the dedication of her coach. His inspiration and drive sees the teenager develop a crush on him. But Fred stays focused on her performance, pushing her to succeed. However, when she does start winning, Fred’s attitude changes and the boundary between teacher and pupil, adult and child, becomes irrelevant to him. Charlène Favier’s confident directorial debut is forthright in detailing the cold calculation of Fred’s behaviour as he grooms Lyz. Driven by the impressive performances of newcomer Noée Abita (who was 20 at the time of filming) and Jérémie Renier, this is an unsettling and damning portrait of abuse.

Living Room Q&As is a season of live-streamed Q&As brought to you by Curzon. In each episode, we’re joined by filmmakers from around the world in our virtual living room to discuss their latest creations, beamed straight to your home so you can ask your questions live.