American Hasi TRAILER | 2021

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Available on iTunes, Google Play, YouTube Movies, Cable and Satellite On Demand on March 23rd!

AMERICAN HASI follows stand-up comedian Tushar Singh and his number one fan—his mom—on a comedy tour across six cities in India as he hits stages with dark, self-deprecating, often risqué stand-up material.

Born and raised “the chubby brown kid” in Alabama with deeply traditional Hindu parents set Tushar up for a life of never quite fitting in. After losing his job, Tushar decides he’s had enough of his double life—working a mundane daytime job and doing comedy at night—and decides to embark on a comedy tour in India, where audiences will “get him” better than Americans.

In India, Tushar interacts with foreign audiences for the first time; gets life-changing advice from Russell Peters, Bill Burr, and Vir Das; and attempts to reconcile his career goals and creative identity with his family’s sacrifices and conservative upbringing. AMERICAN HASI is a funny and delightfully awkward story that captures the struggles of the brave few who try to make a living out of their creative passion.