Dirty South House Arrest TRAILER | 2021

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Drake is a by-the-book college student that finds himself head over heels for a girl that never gives him the time of day. While trying to figure out a way to overcome her rejections his college buddy convinces him that she’s materialistic. Unfortunately, Drake has no cash, so out of desperation, he agrees to partake in money counterfeiting which lands him in jail. Frantic about Drake ruining his future, his mother uses the mortgage money to pay for what she thinks is a top of the line defense attorney. Her attempts to clear his name all but fail and he finds himself on house arrest. Drake’s world soon begins to crumble around him when he realizes that he will lose his scholarship and their family home forever. While his mother is away on business, Drake goes against her orders and throws a party to save the house but complicates matters even further.

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