UNDINE | Official UK Trailer [HD]

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Christian Petzold’s ​most playful film to date, Undine is at once a quasi-realist contemporary drama and an evocative rewriting of the German myth of the water nymph. Watch the UK #trailer​​​​​​ for UNDINE and find the #film​​​​​​ EXCLUSIVELY on Curzon Home Cinema from Friday 26th March: https://www.curzonhomecinema.com/film/watch-undine-film-online

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Paula Beer (Frantz) plays a historian of Berlin urbanism, who is undergoing a romantic crisis when she has a literally explosive encounter with industrial diver Christoph (Beer’s Transit co-star Franz Rogowski). Petzold skates elegantly and provocatively on the edge of the impossible – and against the odds, weaves his magic in an entertainment that’s beautifully acted, eerily moving and, as ever, acutely intelligent.