Goodbye Honey TRAILER | 2021

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Dawn Miller (Pamela Morgan), a moving truck driver on a cross country haul, pulls into an isolated state park to get some sleep, when she is frightened by a shadowy figure. The figure reveals itself to be Phoebe Beenum (Juliette Alice Gobin), a young woman who claims to have just escaped abductor, Cass Rodick (Paul C. Kelly). Dawn is wary of Phoebe’s story, leading to a struggle that leaves the only cell phone broken, the keys missing, and nothing but miles of cold and darkness between the women and help.
With no way to reach the police, they hide in the truck’s freight. As the night progresses tensions rise as they clash over what to do next. Eventually, it becomes clear that they are not alone, and their inner demons could be as dangerous as whatever is outside of the truck. Bonding over a shared history of trauma, Dawn and Phoebe realize they must learn to trust each other and work together if they want to get through a night full of unexpected twists and violent turns.