Reboot Camp TRAILER | 2021

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After losing his wife and life savings to a fake self-help guru, Seymour is on a mission to expose false prophets who fleece people for money. He teams up with his brother Danny, a filmmaker, and they start a sham self-help group called Reboot Camp to document the manipulation process. Seymour transforms into the charismatic Gordon St. Pierre, a larger-than-life persona who teaches a path to bliss through a process called REBOOTING. Danny films the activities in the camp as they happen. They succeed handsomely as even the most ludicrous group activities are met with unbridled enthusiasm from the members and even attract celebrity clients. But as Reboot Camp grows, Seymour and Danny run out of money and the producer who is bankrolling the experiment forces them hire his niece Claire to supervise. Claire, however, realizes this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and wants to turn Reboot Camp into a for-profit self-help empire.