SPRING BLOSSOM | Official UK Trailer [HD]

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A 16-year-old bored with the company of her peers takes an interest in an older man in Suzanne Lindon’s debut, which gracefully steers clear of cliché and offers more than a few surprises. Watch the UK #trailer​​​​​​​ for SPRING BLOSSOM and find the #film​​​​​​​ EXCLUSIVELY on Curzon Home Cinema from Friday 2nd April: https://homecinema.curzon.com/film/spring-blossom/

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Suzanne (Lindon) is bored. She feels out of touch with her friends and classmates. Such ennui falls away when she encounters thirtysomething actor Raphaël. He’s appearing at a theatre on her route between school and home, and their regular encounters see them finding common ground in each other. If the set-up sounds familiar, Lindon spices her film with more than enough surprises. In particular, a trio of musical numbers echo the everyday life song-and-dance routines of Jacques Demy’s beloved The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. And just as remarkable is the fact that Lindon wrote, directed and starred in this film when she was 20. It promises much from this new filmmaker, but taken on its own terms it is a refreshing delight.