LIVING ROOM Q&As: APPLES Director Christos Nikou with Ian Haydn Smith

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Join us on Friday 21 May at 8.15pm, as Ian Haydn Smith is joined by Christos Nikou to discuss his directorial debut APPLES in our next #CurzonLivingRoom​​ Q&A. LIVE on YouTube, this Q&A will also be live-streamed to Curzon Soho, Curzon Bloomsbury and Curzon Oxford.

APPLES is available to watch In Cinemas and on Curzon Home Cinema:

In Christos Nikou’s inspired, ultimately moving comedy-drama, a man appears to succumb to a condition affecting the whole world.
In an alternate reality not too distant from our present state, a strange virus has stricken the world; for some unknown reason, people are randomly afflicted with amnesia. And for the unlucky few who have no family and are found lacking any ID, they are forced to start life anew in a state-sponsored programme. It’s what happens to Aris, who awakens on a bus with no idea who he is or where he lives. Given new accommodation, he is charged with a series of tasks that allowed him to build up a new set of memories, with doctors checking in on his progress.