Made In China TRAILER | 2021

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Available on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube Movies, Cable and Satellite On Demand on July 20th!

Bryan Zellerman just took a strange job on his first trip to China: a professional fake. Working for a real-estate company in Shanghai, he poses as a wealthy American investor… driving eager Chinese clients to his new master. Without warning, the corrupt executive frames Bryan and disappears. After narrowly escaping from police, Bryan finds himself lost in the countryside of China when he makes an unlikely friend. Yuen-Ling, a local shopkeeper, takes pity on Bryan when she discovers him unconscious on the floor of her mini-mart. A friendship blooms between them while he recovers. As they grow closer Bryan hesitates to tell her the truth behind his sudden appearance. As his past catches up to him, Bryan must choose between escape and learning the truth behind his betrayal.