Brotherly Love – Trailer

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Now available on DirecTV, Dish, and iN DEMAND!

Brotherly Love uses the backdrop of Philadelphia’s famed Overbrook High School to weave a story of one family’s struggle. Sergio Taylor (Eric D. Hill, Jr) is the number one high school basketball player in the nation. With a bright future ahead, he is stuck in the current reality and pressures of hood fame. Older brother June (Cory Hardrict) had basketball dreams of his own, but the financial void caused by the death of their father found June taken by the allure of the streets. Twin sister, Jackie (Keke Palmer) has her own talent and ambition in music but is suddenly sidetracked by teenage love. Can these kids survive and break out of the inner city? Brotherly Love paints with a kaleidoscope of music, sports, and characters allowing us to see the lives of today’s youth.