Secret Scripture – Starring Theo James, Rooney Mara & Aidan Turner

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The main character is a woman of a hundred years old, Roseanne McNulty, who currently resides in the Roscommon Regional Mental Hospital. Having been a patient of fifty or more. Rosanna decided to write an autobiography. She calls it “evidence currently Roseanne” and a picture of his life and that of his parents, who live in Sligo at the turn of the 20th century maintains its history hidden under the loose board in his room, not knowing yet if you want to be found.

The second story “common book” The current head of the hospital psychiatrist, Dr. GRENE is.

The hospital is now facing imminent demolition. He must decide which of their patients to be transferred and must be set free in the community.

He is particularly concerned about Rosanna and begins gently to try to discover its history. It soon becomes apparent that Roseanne and Dr Grene have different stories of how his imprisonment and his early life, but it fits in both narratives that Rosanna had been victims of political and religious unrest in Ireland in 1920-1930.