Strickland on Strickland: In Fabric | Episode 4 of 4

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Welcome to episode 4 of Strickland on Strickland: A four-part mini-series from Curzon, about the work of acclaimed British director Peter Strickland, made to celebrate the release of his new film, In Fabric.

In this episode, Peter Strickland introduces his fourth and most recent feature film, In Fabric.

The latest film from the unique imagination of Peter Strickland, In Fabric is a typically distinctive and haunting tale that blends Giallo-infused horror with absurdist dark humour, to ghostly effect. Set against the backdrop of a busy winter sales period at a mysterious Thames Valley department store, the film follows the journey of a cursed but strikingly beautiful blood-red dress as it passes from person to person, with devastating consequences.

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Accompanying this series is a four-part podcast of the same name, featuring extended interviews with Peter and a deep dive into each of his films. Listen to Episode 4 of the Strickland on Strickland podcast here


Strickland on Strickland is produced, directed and edited for Curzon by Jacek Zmarz.