SWEAT | Official UK Trailer [HD] – In Cinemas 25 June

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Watch the full UK #trailer for #Sweat. You can watch 15 second snippets of someone’s life, but what happens when the IG Story stops? Find out Sylwia’s story in SWEAT, in #cinemas and on Curzon Home Cinema 25 June.

Full Synopsis:
Life for fitness guru Sylwia is non-stop. The division between professional and personal is one that she can little afford. After all, as an influencer, her followers demand to know about every moment of her existence. But though she has a huge following, Sylwia appears to have no one close to her, a fact made clear in a teary online confession about being single. Coming so close to a major national TV appearance, could this revelation threaten her profile? Or is it in fact just another stunt by someone who recognises that bad publicity is an oxymoron in our mediated age?

Director: Magnus von Horn
Starring: Magdalena Kolesnik