BABY BOY (2001) Clip – Don’t Be Late

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Take a look back at Taraji P. Henson and Tyrese in #BabyBoy – On Disc and Digital. The cast reunited for the movie’s 20th anniversary #CelebratingJohnSingleton. Watch their reunion:

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BABY BOY is the powerful urban drama directed by John Singleton (Shaft and Boyz N the Hood) starring rap music superstars Tyrese Gibson and Snoop Dogg (Half Baked, I Got the Hook Up). With knockout performances from Ving Rhames (Mission: Impossible II, Pulp Fiction, Con Air) and A.J. Johnson (Friday House Party, The Players Club), BABY BOY is a tough, honest and unflinching look at modern urban life. Jody (Gibson) is a 20-year-old African American in South Central L.A. who is trying to live large but doesn’t have a job. He’s got two babies by two different women and still lives at home with his mother (Johnson). Growing up is tough on Jody, but a series of events involving his mother’s new boyfriend Melvin (Rhames), his girlfriend Yvette (Taraji P. Henson) and her ex-con ex-boyfriend Rodney (Snoop Dogg), force him to learn lessons about living, loving and surviving as a man in the hood.

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