The New Abolitionists TRAILER | 2023

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Filmmaker Christina Zorich journeys to Southeast Asia to investigate why and how sex trafficking flourishes in the “most trafficked” region of the globe. She follows four Christian ministries and NGOs fighting this criminal industry, to probe the issues behind it while creating a platform for the victims and their allies to speak for themselves, illuminate the problems, and generate solutions. Christina observes the attempted rescue of a karaoke girl in Cambodia, visits an NGO’s aftercare facilities, and learns about trauma therapy. She follows a mission trip to trafficking hotspots, explores prevention, and the causes and conditions that create a breeding ground for those at-risk. Christina then travels to Thailand and tracks a team of missionaries through their pre- and post-outreach meetings, illuminating the battleground of this crisis. Survivors and their allies share their individual stories and why they’ve chosen to dedicate their lives to rescue, rehabilitation, and prevention.