Blue Bayou | “You Chose Me Just Like I Chose You”

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Children like Jessie LeBlanc (Sydney Kowalske) are often smarter than we give them credit for. Haunted by her biological father’s abandonment, Jessie worries her stepfather, Antonio LeBlanc (Justin Chon), won’t love her as much as her soon-to-be-born baby sister. She fears he’ll leave her just like Ace (Mark O’Brien) did. Antonio sets out to assure Jesse he will love both of his children equally and will never, ever abandon them.

Film Synopsis:
Justin Chon showcases his talent as a writer, director, and star of this film about a Korean-American man named Antonio LeBlanc (Justin Chon) who has lived in s small town in the Louisiana Bayou all of his life. As he and his wife Kathy (Alicia Vikander) navigate life’s challenges, he learns that he could soon be deported from the only place that he’s ever called home.

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