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Renato (Luis Gerardo Mendez) and Asher (Connor Del Rio) are sharing a moment by the fire when Asher admits to him about a potentially foolish decision he made.

Half brothers Renato (Luis Gerardo Méndez) and Asher (Connor Del Rio) travel to a pawn shop where they end up finding more than they bargained for as the shop owner shares their father’s story. Though Renato is upset about the fact that his father disappeared and pawned his wedding ring, Asher is sympathetic to the fact that he tried everything could to get back home to his family and wants to know more about how his story ends.

When their father becomes ill, half brothers Renato (Luis Gerardo Méndez) and Asher (Connor Del Rio) are forced to embark on a road trip together while following the path of their father’s journey as a Mexican-American immigrant. Though the brothers have never met and are extremely different, they connect as they attempt to find the truth of their father’s mysterious life.

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