Wonka – Chocolate Statue Reveal – Warner Bros. UK & Ireland

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An incredible life-sized sculpture inspired by literary and screen legend Willy Wonka has been unveiled by host Yinka Bokinni and chocolate sculptor to celebrate the release of the new Warner Bros. Pictures’ film Wonka.

Created by Chocolate Sculptor Jen Lindsey-Clark and a team of model-makers, the 100kg sculpture took over 5 weeks to produce and was moulded from over 90 litres of melted chocolate, the equivalent of over 1,000 chocolate bars!

Jen Lindsey-Clark, who previously sculpted the bust of King Charles ahead of the coronation, said: “As a chocolate sculptor this was the absolute dream commission. Just about everyone in the world of confectionary has been inspired by the magic of Willy Wonka and Dahl’s inventive storytelling one way or another, and I am certainly no exception.”

“I grew up on the books and watched Willy Wonka in the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film every Easter and Christmas as a child, so to have had the chance to bring such an enduring character to life in chocolate has been such a labour of love.”

Wonka tells the wondrous story of how the world’s greatest inventor, magician and chocolate-maker became the beloved Willy Wonka we know today.

From Paul King, writer/director of the “Paddington” films, David Heyman, producer of “Harry Potter,” “Gravity,” “Barbie” and “Paddington,” and producers Alexandra Derbyshire (the “Paddington” films, “Jurassic World: Dominion”) and Luke Kelly (“Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical”), comes an intoxicating mix of magic and music, mayhem and emotion, all told with fabulous heart and humour.

Wonka is in cinemas December 8.