State of Consciousness (2024) Official Trailer – Emile Hirsch, Tatjana Nardone

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State of Consciousness – Watch the trailer now! In Select Theaters, On Digital and On Demand March 15. Starring Emile Hirsch, Tatjana Nardone, Kesia Elwin, Robin Mugnani, David Wurawa, and Michael E. Rodgers

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Where do you turn when your nightmares become reality? Stephen and Alicia are a happy young couple living a simple life until Stephen is accused of a mysterious murder. Small town justice lands Stephen in a shady mental facility where an experimental treatment causes a year-long gap in his memory and an inability to separate his horrific hallucinations from real life. As he fights to regain the fragments of his old life, Stephen begins to realize­ the truth is more frightening than anything he could imagine. Emile Hirsch stars in this spine-chilling psychological thriller.