5lbs of Pressure (2024) Official Clip ‘See You Around’ – Luke Evans, Rudy Pankow

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5lbs of Pressure – In Theaters on March 8. Starring Luke Evans, Rory Culkin, Zac Adams, Rudy Pankow, Stephanie Leonidas, Savannah Steyn, Lorraine Burroughs, and Alex Pettyfer.

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In this gripping action-thriller, Adam (Luke Evans), an ex-con back in his old neighborhood after serving a 16-year stretch for murder, walks a rocky path of forgiveness toward the son who grew up without him, while the bitter, volatile brother of the youth he killed looms in the background. Meanwhile, Mike (Rory Culkin), sick of doing the bidding of his drug-dealing uncle (Alex Pettyfer), is desperate to leave his sordid life behind. When Adam and Mike’s paths converge, inescapable destiny will give way to violence…and a final, fleeting shot at redemption.