Gary K: One Step At A Time TRAILER | 2024

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Available on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube Movies, Cable and Satellite On Demand on March 8th!

Actor Gary K – a recovered alcoholic and addict, struggles to maintain his recovery as he travels from coast to coast performing the role of AA co founder Bill W.

The film is created in a cinema verite tradition as the filmmakers immerse in the life of Gary K and his acting partner Richard Springle as they create and produce their own National touring company and stage play about the two men who founded 12 Step Recovery. Gary and Richard have a falling out, their relationship sours, Gary’s sobriety is at risk, after several years of touring they cancel the remainder of their tour and part company. Gary gives up acting, moves from New York City to Delray Beach Florida, ground zero of the opiate epidemic to mentor young adults who are struggling with and dying from addiction. Gary dedicates his life to helping fight the opiate crisis in order to practice the 12th Step and maintain his own recovery in the face of so much death.